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Why buy new when you don't have to!

Purchasing refurbished IT instead of new IT equipment is quickly becoming a firm favourite of IT professionals. With IT budgets 'feeling the pinch' we have outlined the top four benefits of purchasing refurbished IT equipment from RefreshedByUs.com 

SAVE up to 80%

Simply put, purchasing refurbished IT equipment will save you money! With cost savings between 30%-80% off the new price you can be guaranteed great value at an affordable price. 

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Every piece of refurbished IT equipment that you purchase helps reduce your carbon footprint as you contribute your part to reducing e-waste.

Quality Assurance

Our refurbished IT undergoes multiple levels of testing to ensure the highest quality, performance and sustainability at the best price/performance ratio. 

12 Month Warranty

We have so much confidence in the quality and reliability of the products we supply that we offer a complimentary one year Return To Base hardware warranty with every purchase. We also offer extended warranty options up to 36 months.

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You've decided to purchase a refurbished laptop. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to know what to choose. If you're not familiar with the terminology, you may end up with a laptop that doesn't match your requirements.  Is it for personal or business use? Will you use it to watch movies or play games? 

You don’t want to overspend on a specification that you don’t need or spend too little and not get the functionality and performance you require. Our six guidelines below will explain the terminology and give you some points to consider before purchasing a laptop.

1. Size & Display

The size of a laptop relates to its screen size - so it measures in inches from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner. Laptop screens can range in size from 11 inches through to 15 inches. The smaller the screen the more portable the laptop is for those ‘on the move’ as the laptop will be smaller, usually lighter, and therefore easier to carry. You need to figure out just how portable you need your laptop to be but remember to think about the balance between portability and usability. Regarding the display, you should think about the screen resolution - a measure of how many pixels are on the screen. The more pixels you have, the more content you can fit on-screen, and the sharper it will look. You might also consider if the laptop has LED backlighting and a glossy or antiglare surface.

2. Processor

The processor is also known as the CPU and relates to the the speed of your laptop. Performing everyday tasks such as emailing and surfing the internet will only require a basic processor. A higher processor will be required if you are looking a laptop for gaming or photo/video editing. Entry level processors include the Intel Pentium and the Core 2 Duo range. These are followed by the i-range family; the i3, the i5 and the i7 processors. Generally speaking, i7s are better than i5s, which in turn are better than i3s. You'll also need to consider what generation the processor is. Each of the i-range processor types have six generations. For example, the i5 processor is available in six different generations; the 1st generation right through to the 6th generation. The 2nd generation will be better than the first generation, the 3rd generation better than the 2nd generation, and so on. The higher the processor and the higher the generation the newer the release and the better the feature and performance enhancements will be.

3. RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is made up of memory chips in your laptop. Most laptops have at least 4GB of memory already, but it can be added to. The RAM also contributes to the speed of your computer - every time a program (like MS Word) is opened, it gets loaded from the hard drive to the RAM. Adding or upgrading your RAM can actually be more beneficial to your computer's performance than upgrading the CPU or Processor. 

Most of our stock already comes with 4GB of RAM, but you can upgrade to 6GB or 8GB. If you require a laptop for gaming or video editing you'll probably need to go with RAM of at least 8GB.

4. Hard Drive / Storage / HDD

The hard drive is where files such as photos, music, films and documents are stored. The more you want to store, the more hard drive space you will need. Most of our laptops come with at least 250GB which is ample amount of storage for the everyday personal or business user. Multimedia (photos or videos) takes up the most space, especially video, so if you're storing high quantities of such media you will need a hard drive above 320GB. Extra storage space can be purchased easily from external hard drives and USB memory sticks.

Most of our refurbished laptops already come with at least 250Gb Hard Drives (HDD), but you can upgrade to 320Gb, 500Gb or even 1Tb on some laptops. 

Some laptops now come with a Solid-State Drive (SSD) instead of a standard hard drive. The SSDs are faster and are less like to fail as they don’t have moving parts. They do cost more and have less storage but they have a greater durability and performance.

5. Operating System

The most popular operating systems are Windows, Apple’s OS X and Chrome OS. If you’re buying from RefreshedByUs.com, all of our stock comes with Windows 7, an easy to use, streamlined operating system. As more software is designed for Windows than any other operating system, you should find everything you need right out of the box.

6. Budget

More often than not, people can pay for a laptop spec that is too high for their requirements. You need to determine what spec you require and then look at budget, ensuring you pay only for what you need rather than having a high-end laptop with functionality that you will never use or need.

The above is an overview of different points you should consider when purchasing a refurbished laptop and a simple description of the terminology you will come across. By following this guide you should be able to choose a laptop that will contain the features, functionality and performance that you require within your budget.

View our professoinally refurbished laptops here. 

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We know that the term ‘refurbished’ often raises question marks, common queries we get are “Is it safe to buy refurbished IT?” and “How refurbished is refurbished?” We understand that some people can be skeptical and hesitant when it comes to buying reconditioned computer equipment, reservations exist around the quality and reliability of the products.

In many cases this lack of confidence is down to the fact that most people don’t understand the term ‘refurbished’ and the many benefits it can bring. Refurbished products can offer the best price/performance ratio, offering high-quality products at an affordable price.

Why should you consider purchasing refurbished IT equipment?

  • Cost Savings – There’s no denying that the most compelling reason to buy refurbished equipment is the fact that in almost every case you can save money. When you purchase refurbished IT you can expect a saving of up to 80% off the new price, making this a very desirable way to stretch your IT budget and still retain the same level of reliability.

  • Sustainability – Every piece of refurbished IT equipment that you purchase helps reduce your carbon footprint as you contribute your part to reducing e-waste.

  • Save on software licenses - Let’s say you have an older machine and you want to upgrade your OS. You could go out and buy a license for a new OS or you could just buy a refurbished computer pre-installed with the latest OS fully licensed and pre-installed.

  • Maintaining compatibility - Many companies have policies in place were everyone must use the same equipment. Difficulty can arise down the line when you need to source further devices of the same specification. Often you can find the exact same model from a supplier of refurbished IT and for a cheaper price than what was originally paid.

Below are our top 5 tips of what to look for in a supplier of refurbished IT.

What to look for when buying Refurbished IT

  1. Accreditations – Make sure you research who you are buying from, ensuring that the retailer you purchase from is authorised. Look for certifications such as a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher, this will provide you with piece of mind that your equipment has been professionally refurbished with a legal and genuine re-installation of software.

  2. Warranty – Most Refurbished IT suppliers provide a three month warranty period with their items. Those suppliers who offer warranties of 12 months as standard demonstrates they have confidence in the quality of the products supplied.

  3. Where has the equipment been sourced? – Does the refurbished IT supplier openly state where their equipment has been sourced from? Has the equipment been securely data wiped? Has it been sourced within the UK & Ireland? Are they selling Tier 1 brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and Apple?

  4. Returns Policy – Make sure your supplier offers a full returns policy so that if you are not completely satisfied with your item, you may return it to them within a specified time frame of receipt of the goods for an exchange or a refund.

  5. Customer Reviews – Customers’ feedback is a great way to let you know if you are shopping from a reputable source. Check if your supplier has TrustPilot in which case reviews and ratings can be viewed online and you can easily tell if their customers are satisfied with the products and service they have received.

Know your seller

In conclusion it is important that you get to know your seller before making a purchase. In addition to the above you should take note of the terms and conditions of sale and check their accepted payment methods. Ensure you research their refurbished process – Does the supplier have a purpose built workshop facility? What testing is carried out on the products? Do they offer free shipping throughout the UK and Ireland? If you follow the above tips and your supplier adheres to these points, you should have ‘peace of mind’ in your refurbished IT supplier of choice.

Remember refurbished products doesn’t mean second best. They offer performance, sustainability and affordability.

Leona Mills, Marketing Manager, RefreshedByUs.com

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