Refurbished Dell Laptops

We offer a wide range of refurbished Dell laptops including the refurbished Dell Latitude. We stock highly portable, ultra slim used laptops right through to high performing, durable laptops and offer software and RAM upgrade options. All of our affordable and reliable used Dell laptops are extensively tested as part of the refurbishing process by experienced technicians. Buy with confidence - all of our products come with a free one year warranty and a no-quibble 14 day money back guarantee.

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  • Dell Latitude 3550 (B) (i3)

    Was:£450.00 £315.00

  • Dell Latitude E6440 (i5) (B)

    Was:£480.00 £336.00

  • Dell Latitude E7240 (B) (i7)

    Was:£470.00 £376.00

  • Dell Latitude E7440 (B) (i7)

    Was:£550.00 £385.00

  • Dell Latitude E6440 (i7) (B)

    Was:£560.00 £392.00

  • Dell Latitude E7240 Touch (B) (i7)

    Was:£530.00 £397.50

  • Dell Latitude E5270 Touch (B) (i5)

    Was:£680.00 £408.00

  • Dell Latitude E7250 (B) (i7)

    Was:£590.00 £413.00

  • Dell Latitude E7270 (A) (i5)

    Was:£715.00 £429.00

  • Dell Latitude E7250 Touch (B) (i7)

    Was:£720.00 £468.00

  • Dell Latitude E5270 Touch (A) (i5)

    Was:£720.00 £504.00

  • Dell Latitude E7270 (B) (i5)


  • Dell Latitude E7250 Touch (A) (i7)


  • Dell Latitude 7280 (B) (i5)


  • Dell Latitude E5450 (i7) (B)


  • Dell Precision 3510 (A) (i7)


  • Dell Latitude 7280 (A) (i5)


  • Dell Latitude 7290 (A) (i5)


18 Item(s)

per page

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